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Our Research Projects

In 2017 NBCF has committed over $12 million to fund more than 30 breast cancer research projects that will contribute towards our goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

This year we have continued to fund innovative projects that investigate new avenues for treatment, and new applications for existing treatments to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients. The researchers will explore promising areas of investigation, some of which include more effective immunotherapies for hard to treat breast cancers, targeted treatment delivery systems, and predictive tests for relapsing cancer.

In total, since 1994, NBCF has awarded more than $140 million to around 479 Australian-based research projects to improve the health and well-being of those affected by breast cancer. During that time the 5-year survival for breast cancer has improved from 76% to 90%.

2017 Research Projects:

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For information relating to grants prior to 2017 you can use the search function below, or for projects before 2006 please contact – research@nbcf.org.au.


Grant Type

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Start YearGrant TitleGrant Type
2017Transforming hormone therapy for breast and prostate cancer
2017Blood test for metastatic breast cancerNBCF/NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship
2017Can exercise and diet help women with metastatic breast cancer?Pilot Study
2017Seeking more genetic information for women at high risk of breast cancerNBCF/NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship
2017Investigating role of 4-stranded DNA in breast cancerInnovator Grant
2017Towards better treatment for metastatic breast cancerEarly Career Fellowship
2017Predicting breast cancer spread before it happensInnovator Grant
2017Towards better breast screening for Australian womenEarly Career Fellowship
2017Making triple negative breast cancer responsive to treatmentPilot Study Grant
2017Breast cancer prevention through precision medicinePractitioner Fellowship
2017Understanding all the genes on genetic testsEarly Career Fellowship
2017Finger prick blood test to personalise chemotherapy dosesPilot Study Grant
2017Supporting the successful trial of enhanced breast screeningPractitioner Fellowship
2017Effective breast cancer prevention for BRCA1 carriersPilot Study
2017Immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancerInnovator Grant
2017Predicting good and bad outcomes from metastatic breast cancer treatmentsPostdoctoral Fellowship
2017BreastScreen Victoria trial of 3D-mammographic screeningPilot Study Grant
2017New treatments for inflammatory breast cancerInnovator Grant
2017Overcoming treatment resistance in ER+ breast cancerPostdoctoral Fellowship
2017Testing a new method for detection of breast cancerInnovator Grant