Since 1994 NBCF has funded over 340 Australian based research projects.

Our Research

Dr Anna Kemp talks about her research into hormone therapies in real-world practice.


American Association for Cancer
Research Annual Meeting Report

Report from Dr Alison Butt on the recent American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting she attended in the US... More

Report on Outcome of
Community Conversations

Read the official report, going to Government and other cancer research charities, of NBCF’s Community Conversations... More

Update on BRCA
Gene Patenting

Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling last year that the BRCA gene patents held by US biotechnology company Myriad... More

NBCF opens the doors for all
cancer researchers

On the eve of World Cancer Day, Sarah Murdoch calls on Aussie men and those with cancer to sign up to sign up to... More

US surgeon calls for a
rethink of DCIS

Leading US breast surgeon Dr Laura Esserman is urging a rethink of the name and management of ductal carcinoma in situ... More

New role for Tamoxifen in
saving high-risk patients

A multinational research study led by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum... More