WORKING AT NBCF Who else is better placed to describe working at the National Breast Cancer Foundation than our amazing employees? We asked them to describe in 5 words what working at the National Breast Cancer Foundation was like and they came up with…hardworking, fun, inspiring, dedicated, goal focused, opportunity, hope, optimism, pink, passion, compassion, dedication, success, driven, energetic, purposeful, positive, busy, hectic, rewarding, fulfilling, worthwhile.

So we took their descriptions and expanded them to come up with the following 10 great reasons to join the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Great things happen here.

We don’t have to create meaning in our work, like most. Being a part of something that really matters is remarkably fulfilling. They say it takes a village to raise a child…it takes a community to bring an end to breast cancer and you’ll enjoy becoming part of ours.

We do a lot with very little.

We don’t receive any government funding so you’ll learn to be thrifty too. We can invest more in research if we keep our operational costs minimal.

You have a life. We get it.

We’ll expect a lot from you; our cause is important. But we also understand that you may have other things going on in your life and we’ll work hard to accommodate them.

Our employees are stars. We like to recognise this.

Our Pink Bubbles Awards are just the start; when you do great stuff, we like everyone to know.

We’re small, nimble and collaborative.

So you get the benefit of cross functional projects, career development, stimulation and growth. You’ll learn other disciplines by working in this way.

Inclusion is just another thing we do around here.

We welcome, appreciate and respect all of our team mates, of all backgrounds, races, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientation and gender identities.

We work hard.

People love to associate with our cause and luckily for us, they do wonderful things for free. This forms the basis of our Wellbeing Program, which includes the occasional massage, health and fitness initiatives and meditation session.

Together we achieve more.

It has a multiplier effect; the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why we collaborate with the best Researchers, great Corporate Partners, our fantastic Community Fundraisers, our enthusiastic Volunteers, our Patrons, our engaging Ambassadors, our wonderful Speakers and our generous pro-bono supporters.

We own it.

Every person is important. Every task is important. Every dollar is important. We are accountable. Especially when things aren’t going to plan.

We walk our talk.

We couldn’t achieve what we do without the commitment and generosity of our wonderful volunteers; no job is too big or too small for them. So, we think it’s important that we walk the talk too, and volunteer ourselves, both for the National Breast Cancer Foundation events and for other (non-related) not-for-profits.